Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Day in the Life...

well, maybe just a snipit in the day in the life of ari and ian and I. daddy is there, but more in the wings making sure we got a home to call home and the bills are paid. im the kid schlepper, and at times, it is exhausting. mostly, its emotionally inspiring and draining at the same time. special kids need and deserve a lot, and after its all said and done, when i collapse on the bed well past midnight, i could just cry and cry over how much i love my babies.



so, before I get to the pictures, let me break it down:

this was Tuesday, and this is EVERY Tuesday this summer.

Wake - 7:30 ish or earlier if Ian has once again defied my insistance that he remain in his bed and not activate the ipod that play the boys' night night music because it wakes ari up...

7:30 - 8:00 they pummel me in the bed, using all manner of wrestling moves. i believe i have at least a bruised rib. its all loving but its all boy too.

8:00 - 8:45 potty, dress, breakfast

8:50 - Ian is off on the school bus which comes to our door (thank you Jesus!) for summer school.

9:00 - get Ari in the car and drive 25 miles due west to his speech and ot therapy appointments, an hour each.

12:30 - pick up Ian at school, grab him lunch on the go, this day it was Chick-fil-A

1:00 arrive to Ian's speech therapy appointment, remain in the room because he's still working on listening to people. this is where the emotions start to rollercoaster. we are trying SO hard to help this child learn to speak. its heartbreaking. its also SO cool when he blurts out a word or a sound. i LOVE his therapist. shes an expert in oral motor and feeding too, which totally effects this boy. shes the one, God sent, I'm sure of it.

Let's start by getting that tongue in order.

Therapist: I'm applying light pressure to force the "f" sound
Ian: and I'm showing you my feet.
The boy is funny. He really is.

After speech work, time for sensory rewards.
Ahh, many colored bubbles that I alone can control!
World domination is definitely next!

Swing = work on taking, always working on talking!

2:00 mad dash out of speech, drive due south for 20 miles to arrive at swimming lessons for a 3:00 start. did I mention I live in Atlanta metro - TRAFFIC omg.

3:00 both kids dive in for private lessons. cost: pretty penny. results: PRICELESS!!! Ari can jump of the blocks in the deep end and swim to the side all by himself. he's 5. Ian, after only 2 lessons, can kick himself to his teacher with the aid of a noodle. granted, he's screaming YELLING at the top of his lungs, but he's getting it. he loves the water.

Ari after having jumped off the racing block into the deep end and swimming to the side.
That's my boy!

Ian and his new BFF, the noodle.

Work some, Splash some. Life is Good.
Ari at the deep end of the pool (9 ft) talking tech with his teacher Faith

My swim monkeys. 

4:00 - 4:15,20,25...depending on the daudle effect with 2 kids 5 and 6...I dry them, change, and sprint out the door to try and avoid rush hour on our 25 mile journey due north to back where we all started from 7 hours earlier.

5:30 home. kids to potty, whip out ingredients for dinner and start cooking. i cook a meal every night (well almost every night). I use the AMAZING time and money saving service called "The Fresh 20." Each week, I get to download my meal plans and shopping list. The weekly meal consists of 20 FRESH ingredients. thats it. and the food is awesome. organic, healthy, home cooked. i could not survived with the Fresh 20.

6:00 lets eat.

7:30 bath starts. I do bath, every single night.

8:00 bed.

and then....the next day, I do it all over again. so, if you have any SAHM time savers or lifesavers, PLEASE comment!! I only do this in the summers when I am off from my job in public education, so I don't know all the tips and tricks you incredible SAHM use to fend off the exhaustion and keep a smile on your face! Id love some tried and true advice!

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